Web Stories for WordPress

How to use the editor

Saving & reusing styles & colors

Save the style of a selected element by clicking the plus button next to "Saved styles" on the Design tab.

You may then apply that style to other elements by selecting them first, then selecting the saved style.

If you’d rather only save the foreground color, use the plus button next to the "Saved colors" panel above the "Saved styles" panel. Clicking on a color in this list will only apply the color, and not change any other styles.

Quick Actions

Tip: Relevant actions for your currently selected element are displayed in the so-called Quick Actions menu right next to the canvas. Whether you want to animate your text element or replace an image, it's just one click away.

Floating Menu

Similar to the Quick Actions menu next to the canvas, a floating menu toolbar is displayed when selecting elements, showing contextual buttons to accomplish the most common tasks. To close the menu, click on the "X" icon.