Web Stories for WordPress

Animate page elements

Animations bring life and motion to your Web Story pages. Learn how to mindfully add them to your Web Stories.

Applying Animations

Use built-in animations to add a dynamic punch to your Web Stories. Animate an element by:

Preview Animations

Use the Play button below the canvas to play all animations on the page directly within the editor.

Best Practices

While animations are a great way to bring life to Web Stories, they can become obnoxious or distracting when overused.

Check out our animations editorial guidelines to learn about best practices.

First Page Animations

Animations on the first page of a story are not supported in Web Stories, because they would negatively affect user experience and page experience of stories.

Disabling first page animations positively impacts user engagement metrics such as bounce rate and overall time spent on a story.

For this reason, it is not possible to add or edit animations for elements on the first page of the story in the Web Stories editor.