Web Stories for WordPress

How to use the editor

Adding media

Whether you want to add your own videos to stories or use stock images from third-party media providers — the Web Stories WordPress plugin supports it all.

Check out our dedicated media section to learn how to upload media, use masking & cropping, and how to optimize your videos.

Using page templates

Mix and match pages from different templates in the Page Templates section. Here, you can see a more choices for element stylings, such as lists, sections or covers.

Adding text

Quickly add text to your Web Story page by selecting the plus icon next to the text tab icon in the Element Panel.

You may also add a preset text by clicking the desired option on the text tab.

Match fonts from your story

The editor provides font combinations that let you mix and match different harmonious typography. Use the "Match fonts from story" toggle to show only text sets that match what's already in use.

Adding borders & corner radius

You can add a border and corner radius to your story page elements.

Add a link to any element by first selecting it on the Web Stories page. The editor will present an area to add a link on the Design tab in the Design panel. Paste the desired web address into the box to add a link to the selected text.

Once added, you may include an optional description and brand icon.

Adding a page attachment

A page attachment is a special type of ‘inline’ link, which can be accessed by swiping or clicking at the shown affordance at the bottom of the page..

Add a page attachment by selecting the background, then add a web address into the Page Attachment text box in the Design panel. You have the option to update the default "Learn more" text to something more fitting. You may not move the location or modify the default styling of the page attachment link.