Strategies to optimize your workflow

With Andi Eaton

Hi, I'm Andi!

Founder of and full time creator since 2014.

Strategy 1: Use Analytics With Purpose

Find out what content needs your attention!

Go to Google Analytics > Acquisition > Search Console > Landing Pages.

Change your date filter in the top right to the past 6 months (the time frame can be adjusted to your liking).



Add an advanced filter to include Average Position of Greater than 10" and another with an Average Position of Less Than 20.


Updating older posts

Consider what new information would benefit your readers.

Take a look at posts on other sites.

On to the next strategy...

Strategy 2: Mindset-shift-ceo

Look at your calender, write down everything you've done for your business this week.

Assign a $ amount to each task. How much could you potentially earn?

Rank the activities: the ones with the most money-making potential go to the top.





Negotiate better brand deals.

Automate your ad revenue.

Watch the whole video on youtube!

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