with Andi Eaton


Its human nature to compare ourselves to others.

But! - comparison can be a one way ticket to unhappiness and paralysis!

Hi, I'm Andi!

Founder of ouiwegirl.com and full time creator since 2014.

Turn comparison into inspiration!

One way to stay out of the comparison game:

The Origin Story

Instead of thinking about someone you aspire to be like in the creator space, find their origin story!

Uncovering the origin story helps to:

Realize the creator had a starting point like you.

See all the successes and the failures of a creator.

Learn about the things the creator did to gain momentum in their niche.

Overcoming imposter syndrome!

Another way to stay out of the comparison game:

Method: Write an  Essence Statement!

Start with an I AM statement.

Write about who you are and who youre striving to be.

"I am an intuitive and visionary creator.  I am layered with candid brilliance, organic conversation and hyper-creative expression."

Andi's Statement:

Remind yourself:

You ARE a creator because you show up every day as one.

You ARE a blogger because you sit down every day to write like one.

Until next time!

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