The Creator Update

The Creator Update

New features on Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube

November 04, 2021

Pinterest Introduces "Creator Rewards

Pinterest Introduces "Creator Rewards"

$20 million funding program

Rewards creators for sharing their ideas and inspiration

Pinterest Updates

Redesigned home feed to encourage users to  actively engage with their feed. Decide if you "browse" or "watch"

Source: Pinterest

On November 8th Pinterest TV launches. The series will introduce new ways to monetize through teleshopping style live shows.

Instagram: Desktop & more

Instagram: Desktop & more

ROlled out In Beta: Collabs

Will let you invite another account to be a collabrator

Source: Instagram

Posts can include both contributors names and be shared to both sets of followers

ALso: now everyone, not just creators, brands or businesses can add links to stories!

New In adobe

New In adobe

"Content Credentials": Verify your content-ownership or reveal where you got your images and illustrations from

Source: YouTube

Youtube will roll out gifted memberships in 2022

A key part of the monetization strategy for many livestreamers

Youtube Gaming

YouTube Gaming

Only one of many ways to monetize gaming content on YouTube


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