How to Tailor  Content to Various Platforms

Creator Insights with Keiko Lynn

Hi, I'm Keiko!

I've been a fulltime blogger for 12 years.

One Mistake &

& I often see and also did myself, is to post the same exact thing on all platforms.

My Strategy

Bring a unique value to each channel. So your audience has a reason to follow you on all platforms.

Personally, I do not think you need to be consistent on every platform. I prefer quality over quantity. For me, Ive found that 4 platforms is what I can comfortably focus on:


My blog



Why I Use Instagram

Here is how I use it

My number one source of revenue.

A top referral for blog traffic.

Instagram Main Feed

For me it's a portfolio of sorts. Here I share my latest self-portraits or videos.

Instagram Reels

Im having fun making retro themed, dreamy videos. Feels very me but also very different than anything Ive done before.

This is my Blog

Also one of my biggest earners.

Focused on the value of content.

Wheter it's in terms of knowledge or emotional value, every blog post should have some sort of takeaway.

My Pinterest Strategy

My traffic booster.

Evergreen content lives on and on and creates traffic to my blog.

Pinterest Standard Pins

Seasonal content (e.g. Halloween costumes) is performing best.

I pin photos that are purely for aesthetic inspiration (moodboards).

And what about TikTok?

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