With Andi Eaton

Let�s talk about three  tips for dealing with haters and how to use critique as an opportunity to grow!

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According to Carl Jung "the shadow" is the dark side of our personality.

It consists of primitive human emotions like rage, envy, and selfishness.

Haters often project their own negative feelings about themselves on us.

"The Shadow" by Carl Jung

TIP 1: The narrative shift

You get to decide how negative feedback affects you.

TIP 2: Gratitude practice

Starve the hate and feed the gratitude!

Write down the positive and negative experiences of the day.

Practice saying thank you every single chance you get.

And treat the negative comments with grace!


When someone has something negative to say, consider what the learning lesson could be.

Take a moment to consider a differing opinion rather than immediately being put  off by them.

But bullying is not an opinion!

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