How to connect with your community

with Eden & Elle from Black Foodie

Hi, we are Eden & Elle

We are the makers of Black Foodie.


What is Black Foodie?

A community reaching 250,000 people.

Dedicated to highlighting Black restaurants, recipes and Black food culture.

What does it take to build  a digital community?

Be open, be bold

Be constistent with your content creation

Never be afraid to pivot, always be  ready for a change

How do I attract the right people and connect with them?

Be authentic 

Share failures

Interact: Connect with the people commenting your posts

Leads to more engagement!

Leads to a bigger community!

What do you post to engage  with your audience?

Casual questions or trivia!

Behind the scenes footage!

One more tip before we leave!

Set your boundaries: Accept other opinions, but create a safe space!

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