How to Combat Creative Burnout

Creator Insights with Keiko Lynn

Hi, I'm Keiko!

I've been a fulltime blogger for 12 years.

Dreading work?

You might be experiencing creative burnout!

Are the ideas just not coming?

Doubting talent?

Here are my tips to combat creative burnout.

But not from your peers.

1. Tip: Seek Out Inspiration



the thief

of joy.

(especially when you are not in a good mindset.)

For me it works to take a look at old magazines and catalogues when I need ideas.




Things around  you

Inspiration can also come from:

2. Tip: Revisit Old Work

And remind yourself that you are capable.

Seems obvious, but some creatives need this reminder.

3. Tip: Take a Break

Forcing creativity is sometimes like &

Go for a walk

Take a nap

Focus on an unrelated personal project

So don't forget to give yourself a break  e.g.:


Creative burnout happens to all of us.

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