with Andi Eaton

No creation with procrastination!

Hi, I'm Andi!

Founder of and full time creator since 2014.

Time for Efficiency,   Accountability & a Workflow!

Work with intention

Make a plan and stick to it

Invest energy wisely

Get activities off the to-do list

Monday Hour One

Makeover Strategy A:

Step 1:  Desired Results

Write everything on a list!

Step 2: Action Steps

e.g.: take a class, visit a local museum, take a hike in nature

Step 3:  Add the to-dos

Account meetings

For example:

Strategy sessions

Conversations with team members

Check the list: Is there anything you can delegate or get rid off?

Step 4:  Reorganize the list

Step 5: Schedule your calendar

Creative blocks


Set time for:

Strategic blocks

The Pomodoro Technique

A popular time management method. 

Helps you to stay fit and concentrated.

You focus on work sessions with frequent short breaks.

Makeover Strategy B:

Here's how it works!

Watch the whole video  on YouTube!

Are you ready for the details?