Finding your niche

Creator Insights  with Keiko Lynn

Hi, I'm Keiko!

I've been a fulltime blogger for 12 years.

In this episode: Finding your niche!

When you want to kick-off a blog, finding your own niche is a great place to start!

Lets talk about some types of niches and why it is beneficial to find one.

Its possible to go too broad or too narrow for a niche to be beneficial but finding the sweet spot can:

position you as an authority in your field,

give you more visibility as a big fish in a smaller pond,

and provide structure for your content.

Also: The audience of niche blogs tends to be more intentional, engaged and loyal followers!

There are three levels of niche:





Gives you the most wiggle room.

But more competition and the potential to get lost among similar blogs.


This is the Goldilocks sweet spot: not too broad, not too narrow!


Niching down can narrow your competition, but it also has the potential to narrow down your audience or the longlivity of your content.

How to determine your niche?

Make a list of things you know about and things you like.  If there is an area of overlap, you might have found the sweet spot.

How to determine your niche?

POV: Youre vegan, you are an excellent cook, you love photography, and you have a weakness for comfort food. 

BOOM: You can start a vegan comfort food blog. 

Finally, you should figure out if there is an audience for your niche.

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