with Andi Eaton

Let’s talk about how to find long-term success as a web creator.

First tip: The foundation for success is confidence!

Hi, I'm Andi!

Founder of and full time creator since 2014.

Find confidence within your values.

Introducing the Values Elements.

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How can you find your values elements?

Let’s get into the questions:

You have to answer a few questions. Let whatever comes to mind first be your answer.

#future dreams

“What do you visualize most when you’re dreaming about the future?”


“When considering how you spend your free time - what do you watch, read, listen to and look at the most?”


“If money was no object and you could spend 1 day doing anything in the world what would be the schedule for the day?”

#supporting people

“What information or support do you find that people come to you for the most?”

Now: circle any key ideas, phrases, subject matters or topics that are jumping off the page for you.

Those words are your Values Elements!

KEEP IN MIND: It’s important to trust your gut & let your intuition be stronger than your ego!

Aligning your business with your values can be a great foundation for being a successfull creator!

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