5 Tips to improve work-life balance as a freelancer

Creator Insights with Keiko Lynn

It's impossible to work like this!

Hi, I'm Keiko!

I've been a fulltime blogger for 12 years.

A Big Challenge for Freelancers:

The balance between work and personal life.

Here are my tips.


Doesn't need to be a traditional office

Important: Keep it away from your bed

Having a place to go to work keeps you on task

Dedicate Your Work Space

Brings you in the right mind set


Get Dressed for Work


You deserve a weekend and real vacation time

General "clock in" and "clock out" hours give you a healthy structure

Keep Office Hours

Respond to emails only during this time


Manage your Client's Expectations

Calculate realistic deadlines

Communicate how much time you need

Put Your  Phone Down


At work: Every minute you waste is a minute youll have to make up for

"Off the clock": Take time to disconnect and relax

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