A Typical Shoot Day

Creator Insights with Keiko Lynn

Hi, I'm Keiko!

I've been a fulltime blogger for 12 years.

I'll share my experiences in this series.

Let's take a look behind the scenes of a shoot day.

1. Moodboard

I kick things off with a moodboard. It's a good start to get a feeling for:

color & tones

overall style


hair & makeup


2. Locations

I keep a Google Map of pinned locations with descriptions. Whenever I find a place with potential I just add it.

Today we use a studio setup for a retro-themed shoot.

3. Preparing the Set

On shoot days I try to get as many different shots as possible:

Different looks

Different outputs (blog, social media)

Behind the scenes

Beauty videos

4. Doing the Hair

If possible I use wigs. It's easier and faster.

5. Applying Makeup

6. Setting up the Camera

On a tripod

Using the Smartphone as remote for self-portraits 

The selftimer gives time to hide the phone

Self-Portraits are a lot of trial and error but I find it comfortable that nobody is watching.

I hope you enjoyed these insights.