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A Taste of New York Pizza History

With Miriam Weiskind

Professional Pizza Enthusiast

Miriam Weiskind

19 Old Fulton St, Brooklyn

Juliana's Pizza

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Keep it simple to really taste the flavor  of the coal-fired oven. This is pizza history

White Pie

Under-the-radar, but definitely not one to miss. No sauce, just cheesy goodness.

146 W Houston St, Manhattan

Song'E Napule

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But where’s the  cheese? Order this  and you’ll see how sauce is supposed to taste.


The right amount of kick from the spicy salami - imported  straight from Naples.

686 5th Ave, Brooklyn

Luigi's Pizza

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Cheese Slice

Nothing beats it. That  quintessential New  York slice you’ve been searching for.

Fresh Mozzarella

The fresh mozz and homemade pesto Really make this a special slice.

The  Pizzerias

Juliana's Pizza

Song'E Napule

Luigi's Pizza