A Guide To  Shaping Clay

With Gopi Shah

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Gopi Shah


The Starter Kit

Getting Things Spinning

The First Step


Step 1


Step 2

The Right Clay Matters

Different projects require  different clays. Before starting  your own project, make sure to choose the right type.


Step 3


Step 4

The Firing Process

Let your finished piece sit for up to two weeks - until it is bone dry

Once your piece is glazed this 9-hour firing ensures it's set and ready to use.

This first firing helps transform the clay and lasts about 13 hours

Dry It

Final Firing

Bisque Firing

Paint And Glaze

Making It Your Own


Step 5

Making Your Piece Your Own

There are a wide range of paints and glazes that you can use to decorate your pottery. Try layering different ones to create something totally unique.